• Chris Warner

State retirement age

A common question from clients is: What is my state retirement age?

There have been so many changes to these dates over the years. It will now depend on when you were born as to when you become eligible for a state pension.

Here is a handy summarised guide for you to look for your date of birth and match your state retirement age to it, however the full Government version can be found here:

Date of Birth Expected state retirement age

From 6th April 1950 – 5th June 1953 63

From 6th June 1953 – 5th September 1953 64

From 6th September 1953 – 5th October 1954 65

From 6th October 1954 – 5th March 1961 66

From 6th March 1961 – 5th April 1978 67

From 6th April 1978 – To date 68

The list above applies to both men and women.

Please be aware that when applying for a mortgage you may be asked what your anticipated retirement age is. This will be what age you expect to retire at, not your state retirement age. Most people these days expect to work until aged 70 or beyond, depending on their job. Lenders may ask you to provide evidence of retirement income should your loan term extend beyond the state retirement ages set out above.

If you need any help with working out what loan term is best suited to your particular circumstances or have questions in relation to the above information, please do get in touch.

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